Hi, my name is Inta and I take photos of awesome people. I specialise in creative reportage wedding photography and I love it. You see, I get to work with people who are in love, to experience those butterfly giggles in the first person. It’s a happy place where I stand and I am so grateful for my job.

I’ve been obsessed with photography for quite some time now but I enjoy other things too. I have a thing for curly hair as you can see in the photo. I have a cat Erwin Schrödinger who’s named after Austrian physicist. He’s fluffy, pearly white and very much alive. I like to read books by recommendation, nerdy jokes and listening to music loudly. I like to know the people I work with and it’s the best feeling when we become friends.

Get in touch and let’s meet for a coffee to talk about Your Story. I would love to hear it!

xoxo Inta