20 Mar

Labākais kāzu fotogrāfs 2014 // Latvian Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014

Oh gosh! I don’t even know how to start this post. Last week was totally crazy – I won the title of the Latvian Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014! This is such an honour and I feel very grateful to the Latvian Wedding Photographer’s Association and most importantly to all my couples that got me there. You guys are the real deal, the reason I love my job, why I have a spring in my step every time I am on the way to a wedding, the reason I feel like I’m at home when I am behind the camera. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here are some photos of me with the trophy (and me being a tiny bit silly with it too), the awards in all their glory and of course the photos that got top nominations!

labākais kāzu fotogrāfs 2014labākā kāzu fotogrāfekāzu fotogrāfs 2014labākā kāzu fotogrāfija

Here are the photos that got into the top 10 in different categories! And I start with 1st place from the category “Details”.

kāzu galds

2nd place in the category “Kids”.

Kāzu fotogrāfija

3rd place in the category “Miscellaneous”.

kāzas līgavainis

3rd place in the category “Party”.

kāzu balle

Both next photos got 5th place in the category “Couple”.

labākā kāzu fotogrāfijaskaista kāzu fotogrāfija

Both next photos got 9th place in the category “Emotions”.

kāzas emocijaskāzas_baznīca

9th place in the category “Miscellaneous”.

ziemas kāzas

10th place in the category “Kids”.

bērni kāzās

10th place in the category “Ceremony”.

baznīcas kāzas

You can view the full competition on the official website of the Latvian Wedding Photographers Association – http://www.lkfa.lv/lkfa2014/konkurss2014/comp2014_results.php and learn more about the association in here – http://www.lkfa.lv/

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  • Yay!!! Congratulations Inta!! This is totally awesome news and so very well deserved. Well done you 🙂