11 Apr

Personal Post // Welcome Home 2014 // Workshop

welcome home

This story starts with the wonderful photography duo of husband and wife – Emma Case Photography. I’ve been nearly stalking them for the last couple of years and their work has been an inspiration and a motivation at the same time. For a wile now Emma has been running wedding photography workshop Welcome Home. Though I knew about it, I didn’t get myself up for it only until now. It was like my subconscious was waiting for some special moment that my conscious wasn’t aware about.
That special moment happened the last weekend.

My oh my, it was a home run (pun intended)! We laughed, we photographed, we learned, we made tonnes of notes, we shared, we even cried and then we laughed again. Honestly – I imagine this is how therapy feels like. When the day was finished and I was sitting on the Piccadilly line on my home, I felt this… magic dust in my pockets. Like a fairy. With a feeling that I’m on the right path. That all doubts are good doubts. That it’s good to ask the hard questions and we all should. That it’s OK.
I left with the horn of a unicorn on my forehead and a double rainbow in the pockets of my sky blue coat.
And dear Emma and Pete, I can’t thank you enough for this. xx

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  • Absolutely gorgeous work Inta! Stunning photos and beautiful words 🙂

    • inta

      Thank you very much darlin! 🙂