Imagine. It’s been a long and overwhelming day. I’ve been up from early morning and right now the sun is about to set. There’s a loud noise all around – it’s the sound of my family and friends clapping their hands in excitement, beaming with smiles and cheering. Me and my husband just did our first dance and we’re bowing like rock stars.

What you see is my favourite photograph from my own wedding day. It’s blurry, it’s right in the middle of the moment and to me it speaks a thousand words. What you don’t see by the naked eye is that in this moment my heart is beating oh so very fast from the happiness.

I want to be the photographer that will take you back in time. That will care about you and the love you have for each other. Because weddings are about you. Not the flowers, not venue, not the cake. It’s about you. Being real, honest, full of emotion and oh so in love. Let’s be in love.

Inta xx